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Reviews & Comments From Readers

Here is what some reviewers have to say about Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia, by Joseph Yao, M.D.

L Jones:

"When any form of disaster occurs either by nature or mankind, preparation can make the difference between survival and failure. This is why the Bug Out Bag, or BOB for short, can be your saving grace when you have to flee your home quickly. There are three types of BOBs which can last from days to months depending on the situation you are facing. But what should you pack so you are prepared for every eventuality? Are there some items that have many purposes? From food essentials, tools, and shelter to first aid advice and everything in between, this guide is the ultimate knowledge base. Discover the items you need, the best places to purchase them, and their cost, as well as invaluable survival techniques and advice. Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia by Joseph Yao is not only perfect for anyone who wants to be prepared for any eventuality but is also an essential read for those who travel and explore remote places.

"Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia by Joseph Yao is such a detailed and comprehensive guide on survival. I was blown away by the amount of research it must have taken to compile this encyclopedia. Everything is laid out so clearly and I loved the bullet points and diagrams. The chapters are split into sections, making it so much easier to find the information you need. The section on first aid was incredible, especially the vast amount of advice given on tourniquets. I loved how the author always suggests items that have many purposes, such as iodine, alcohol prep pads, and garbage bags for shelter. I thought the chapter on food items was so helpful; he covered absolutely everything, from hunting, fishing, and edible plants as well as the normal food items you can purchase. My favorite chapter was regarding the use of power banks in conjunction with solar panels. I cannot stress how much guidance is included in this incredible guide - a must-read for anyone with an interest in survival."


A. Elmore:

"Discover how to build, pack, store, and use a bug out bag in the informational self-help book, Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia (Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness) by Joseph Yao. For many of us, the recent pandemic was a wake-up call. Within a few weeks, the world experienced shortages in basic necessities like toilet paper, food, and cleaners. Stability became a thing of the past as schools and businesses closed, and people found themselves struggling to provide themselves and family with the common comforts of a roof over their heads, water, and heat. Hospitals requested that only the very sick and wounded seek their assistance. America, along with the rest of the world, was in crisis with very few truly prepared. Now more than ever, it is vital to be ready for unprecedented emergencies. A bug out bag may just save yours or a loved one’s life. Building the best bug out bag for your individual needs by factoring in your health, conditions, and weight will help you stay safe and ready for anything. Learn how to select, pack, and balance your bag’s load to prevent injury or fatigue. With links to the items for your bug out bag, and descriptions explaining why they are important, this book is a go-to guide for the prepared. Are you ready for a disaster or emergency situation? Can you confidently say you are ready to survive without common comforts and basic necessities?

"Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia (Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness) by Joseph Yao is complete with instructions, examples, statistics, and suggestions that will help you choose the correct items for your bag for your unique location and situation. With a chapter dedicated to the three different bug out bags that everyone should have, to personal protection items, to a chapter concerning your pets, this book is inspirational and necessary to have in your library. Beautifully organized, the author has even included a chapter on first-aid that would make the Red Cross blush. With a chapter dedicated to the different items with which to stock your first-aid kit and how best to use them, this book has already become my Bible. Prior to this book, I was unaware that there are three options for a bug out bag, each bag with a specific purpose. There is a chapter dedicated to the individual bags, explaining their purpose, how to build them, and when and how to use them. I appreciated that Mr. Yao goes above and beyond to present as much information as possible without overwhelming the reader. I was impressed that he even went as far as explaining to the reader how best to lift their pack to prevent damage to the bag and injury to themselves. While I would invest in this book just for the first-aid content, it is a must-have for anyone interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones by being prepared."

S. Sewell:

"Have the effects of the pandemic gotten you thinking about being more prepared for unexpected disasters? Would you like to ensure that you have a way to survive if the unthinkable happens? Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia (Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness) by Joseph Yao takes the stress and hardship out of learning how to be prepared. It is the perfect guide to help any and everyone to create a bug out bag specific for their personal needs. With natural disasters on the rise, it is always good to be ready to go in a pinch. Filled with all the particulars and details you need to build a bug out bag at your fingertips, you can use the information provided to create a little survival insurance for you, your loved ones, and your pets. If nothing else, the year 2020 has taught us that our life can change on a dime. Are you prepared to meet anything that comes your way?

"Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia (Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness) by Joseph Yao is an exceptional self-help book with indispensable and essential information that can be life-saving in a crisis. Cleverly organized and containing detailed lists that help even the novice discern what bug out bag works best for them in a crisis situation, it is a beneficial tool in getting prepared for any unexpected emergency. I most especially appreciated and was impressed with the first aid section that concisely describes the product and clearly explains why and how each product is used and where to purchase it. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to provide a safeguard for their future."

A. Syed:

"Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness by Joseph Yao is a comprehensive guide for those who are thinking of putting together their first survival plan and supplies in preparation for a catastrophic event or those who may need a refresher to update plans and supplies they already have. Yao takes a no-nonsense approach with an authoritative narrative that has been earned through extensive research and bag-building experience. Nothing is withheld and the details encompass everything from the type of bag to targeted and specific guidance on what goes in it, to how many are needed for different events and stretches of limited resource availability, and the organization of all of this among many other things.

"In the interest of full disclosure, I had no concept of survival preparation, aka: 'prepping', until I married an American wife. Born and raised in San Francisco under the constant threat of the next big earthquake, this woman knew how to stock a trunk and a pantry. The reason why I share this is that after I read Joseph Yao's Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia, she immediately removed it from my hands and started taking notes as she read it. Notes! Two of the many things we did not know are that dryer lint can be used as kindling and that a long term bag should include seeds and anything to assist in the successful cultivation of a farmer's garden. This isn't a book with a lot of fluff, which nobody expects in an encyclopedia anyway, but Yao is still able to impart real-world, human advice amidst the massive amount of guidance provided. Frankly, this is the only book you'll need to begin or to flesh out your own series of bug out bags."

K. Finn:

"Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness is a work of non-fiction in the self-help and survival sub-genres of guidebooks, and was penned by author Joseph Yao, M.D. This book is a comprehensive guide to building your own Bug Out Bag (i.e. a ready to go survival kit that is standing by for an all-out emergency), including what to include in your own bag and what to leave out, the types of emergency you may need to prepare for, how to organize the contents of your bag, and how many bags to keep on standby should the need ever arise. What results is a comprehensive guide for those keen to prepare for any impending disaster.

"In the state of today’s world, a book like this from author Joseph Yao, M.D. is likely to provide comfort to many. Whilst the idea of a Bug Out bag might seem frightening at first, Yao’s narration puts the power in readers’ hands, allowing them to feel confident and strong rather than worried by the possibility of literally anything the world could throw at them. In terms of its organization and logical flow, the work is arranged in such a way that you can refer back to different areas easily to review the advice, and use it as a comprehensive step by step guide to be sure that you have all that you need for any disaster that could befall you. Overall, I would certainly recommend Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia: Emergency, Disaster & Survival Preparedness to all readers with an interest in the topic looking for a truly ultimate guide that leaves nothing out."

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