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Book cover for Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia by Joseph Yao, M.D.

Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia

- - A book about emergency and disaster preparedness to help you survive- -

By Joseph Yao, M.D.

(Available as Kindle eBook and paperback)

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Available at libraries throughout Arkansas (click here)

This book is a comprehensive reference guide you can use to save valuable time and expense learning how to assemble your first bug out bag (BOB) or modify an existing one. Learn why items are important and how to use them. You'll also learn:

  • Why three BOBs are better than one to help you survive emergencies of different durations.

  • Recommended items are organized by survival category with specific product examples from budget to premium to fit different budgets.

  • Product descriptions include their weight to help you optimize your BOBs.

  • How gear selection differs depending upon the expected duration of the emergency and if you are escaping on foot or by motor vehicle.

  • There are sections covering first aid and also items to include for your pets.

  • This book is much more than lists of survival items. Extensive details are presented throughout the book including the pros and cons of different items within a survival category. Get answers to questions like "Should you get a water filter with carbon in it?" and "Is stainless, high carbon, or tool steel better for survival knife blades?"

  • Whether you have to escape or if you can hunker down in place, your BOB may be your life-saving insurance. Knowledge is the ultimate tool. Don't wait for disaster to strike. Invest now in your safety and security by getting your copy of the "Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia." It goes beyond the usual simple list of survival items, it's your ticket to survival.


Empower yourself. Get started now to help ensure your survival. The "Bug Out Bag Encyclopedia" is more than a book. It's your ticket to survival. Get your copy now.

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